Alicja's first book:

And God Was Our Witness begins "'Rest in peace --Jan Zablocki--1914-1939' read the sign above, inscribed with huge letters...  
The bomb did not spare the cemetery.
...'rest in peace' --the significance of it seemed a ridiculous contradiction to the violence around us..."

Alicja's gripping descriptions continue, describing the scenes that unfold before her. In 1940 she and her family were removed from their home by the Russian NKVD. While her journey and story is one of heartache, hunger, devastation, and human suffering, there is an inspiring sense of hope and survival woven throughout the story. Written through an artist's eyes, this story will encourage you and inspire you to see beauty and hope even in terrible circumstances.

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Alicja's second book:

They Called Us D.P.s continues with riveting descriptions of Alicja's journey as a young girl in the refugee camps in Iran. It is now 1942 and the "displaced persons" are no longer slaves. Alicja is in a refugee school and still determined to find life and freedom beyond the devastation of war. In this second book, she meets her future husband, at a U.S. Army camp.

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